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Ficus Lyrata

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Ficus Lyrata, or Fiddle Leaf Fig is a tall, handsome plant that, given the right conditions will grow pretty large. So if you're looking for a statement plant this may be the one for you!

The Fiddle Leaf needs bright light, although does not want to sit in direct afternoon sun as this may scorch the leaves. Also make sure it isn't sitting in a draught. 

Be careful not to over water your plant, the top inch of soil should feel dry before you give it another drink. You will need to water more often in the Spring and Summer and you can reduce your watering in Autumn and Winter. You may find you want to increase the humidity around the plant in Winter when you have your heating on, which can dry the leaves out quite easily. Either mist the leaves regularly or place a pebble tray full of water beneath the pot. 

They don't need as much fertiliser as other Ficus plants, so feed once a month with a good diluted liquid feed in the Spring and Summer and not at all in Autumn and Winter.

Dusty leaves will reduce light absorption. Cleaning with a soft cloth and water every now and then will help its leaves maintain their glossy appearance. 

Pot not included.

Size: H90cm x D21cm approx.

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