rose and ammi flowers plant shop asparagus fern 2018
rose and ammi flowers plant shop asparagus fern 2018

An Asparagus Fern

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Asparagus Ferns are neither an Asparagus nor a Fern, they're actually a member of the Lily family and will, if very happy, produce tiny white flowers. But primarily they are grown for their lush green, wilful foliage and look great either hanging or sitting on a high shelf from which they can tumble elegantly. They are easy to look after plants that will reward you with fast growth.

Asparagus Ferns don't take too kindly to being warm and dry. If you have it anywhere near a radiator in Winter for example, you will find half of your plant turns yellow and drops all its fronds. So find a cool, bright spot where it will receive indirect light.

Increase the humidity around your plant by placing a water filled pebble tray under the pot, or mist the foliage regularly. They do not want to be waterlogged, but do not let the soil dry out too much, little and often is a good rule of thumb. That said, they are more forgiving than true ferns and will not die back so easily if you go on holiday and your friend forgets to water them for you! They will also benefit from a regular liquid feed in the Spring and Summer, but don't like to be repotted too regularly, preferring to be a bit pot bound than to have plenty of space, every couple of years is sufficient.

Note that if ingested the berries of Asparagus Fern are toxic to cats and dogs.

Pot not included.

Size: H35cm x D12cm approx.

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