rose and ammi flowers Edinburgh plant shop airplant
Rose and Ammi flowers Edinburgh plant shop airplant

A Large Airplant

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These extraordinary little epiphytes are one of the easiest plants you can keep, although, despite their name, they do require a little more than just air to thrive.

They will do really well in the more humid areas of your home like the kitchen or bathroom, but will settle anywhere so long as you're giving them the water and nutrients that they need.

We give ours a soak in tepid water once a week for an hour or so, allowing them to drain thoroughly before placing them back in their spot. Alternatively you can mist them with water (ideally rainwater) a few times a week, adding a little liquid feed once a month to give them an extra boost.

They will be happiest in a bright spot where they receive filtered light. Keep an eye out for them getting too dry or too warm - if the tips of their leaves start to brown and curl move them to a cooler position and increase their watering. Be careful not to place them too close to a radiator.

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